Grounding Clamp

Product introduction

IENERGY Earth Clamp shortens the installation time of a ground wire to a solar panel frame. The threaded clamp inserts through a hole in the frame and uses two hex nuts to help provide a reliable connection. The earth clamp handles 6 and 8AWG (13.3 and 8.4mm ) solid, uninsulated copper wire. In connecting to the frame, the clamp body and the one-piece lock washer nut penetrates the surface of the aluminum frame helping to create a reliable
ground path. Spring loaded grounding connector feature copper braid between brass jaw pads for optimum conductivity. Strong spring pressure, available in different amperages.

Technical Parameters
1. Material: Tin-plated Copper
2. Color: Silver
3. Frame Thickness Range:0.8-4.5mm
4. Mounting hole diameter: Ø4.0mm / Ø5.0mm
5. Ambient temperature: -40°C ...+90°C
6. Cable size(mmsq/AWG):2.5/4/6/10 & 14/12/10/8/6
7. Used voltage:600-1500V

Features & Benefits
1. Quick and easy mounting procedures.
2. Rugged and compact hex bolt design made from stainless steel.
3. Bottom edge feature cuts through the anodized aluminum surface when securing the hex bolt to the module frame.
4. Standard tooling can be used with the hex nuts.
5. Product appearance concise.
6. Small, flexible and fitted various place assemble.
7. Twenty-five years warranty.


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